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The Inspiration

The inspiration is my daughter with developmental disabilities. The one thing that kept me up at night was, "What will happen to her once I’m no longer here"? As a parent, I have experienced different Adult Day Programs however, I wasn't able to find one that offered services that could help to put my mind at ease about that one question that lingered in the back of my mind. I wanted my daughter to fully experience life as a young adult. Having a job if she had the tools, having her own apartment, help developing her social skills as a young adult, learning to follow through with her responsibilities just as any other young adult was doing. It was important that she learned to live with her disability with the proper tools and not enable her because of her disability! This inspired We Triumph because with teamwork my daughter and I were able to Triumph in those areas and my passion is to help other families Triumph as well! ---Kimberly Quintana